Exciting Ancestry Site Updates!
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Today, we're letting a couple of our product managers tell you about some exciting website updates that will make your family history research a bit easier, and - we hope - a bit more fun! Without further ado, here they are. New in Interactive Viewer ? Related Content Panel We're really excited to offer this update to the interactive image viewer. You've spoken up that the new viewer has been suffering for the lack of Member Connect and suggested records, and we're happy to announce that these features are now part of the interactive viewer. Previously known as the Member Connect panel, this is currently the most requested feature through the image viewer's feedback link, and is a fantastic way to discover new content.  The Related Content panel includes Suggested Records and also Related Trees.


  Give it a try and see how you like it! You can look forward to more of your suggestions being implemented in the interactive viewer as we continue to align this feature with your needs. Cheers, Mike New in Search Results: Research summary and smart filtering Do you search from your Ancestry.com tree'  If so, you'll soon see some enhancements to your search results.  Records that you've attached to your tree are now grouped at the top of the results list, organized in alpha-numeric order to help you quickly see what you've saved and where you might have research gaps.  The research summary section can be collapsed to give more room to the search results list, or expanded to compare your search results to records you've already saved. Product2   We're also introducing smart filtering, which lets you hide results from collections where you've already found an ancestor's record.  Many collections like census or death records are likely to contain one record for a person.  When you search from your tree, this new feature filters out results from collections where you've already saved a record, making it easier to discover new records.  For example, if you've saved a 1920 census entry for someone in your tree, smart filtering will hide other 1920 census entries when you search from that person's page.   Smart filtering can be easily turned on or off from the results page to show the full or filtered results list. Product3   Learn more about the Research summary and smart filtering in the knowledge base.   We're releasing these new features gradually over the next two weeks, so expect to see these changes soon. Once you've tried them, we'd love your feedback on what you think and how they can be improved.  Look for the Send feedback' link at the top of the research summary section. Best regards, Katharine   There are always improvements underway, and we value your feedback on everything current, new, and upcoming. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy!