Enhanced Editing and Image Page
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Tomorrow, July 29th, we are launching two enhancements. The first is enhanced editing of index data, and the second is an enhanced version of the image page. Enhanced editing One of the most frequent requests from our members is to have the ability to add alternates to more than just given names and surnames. The fields you can update will vary by data collection, but they will include names, places and dates and we will expand the list as time goes on. We've also updated the way you add alternates to make it a bit easier. When you are on a record page, on the left hand side, you can click on "Add Correction" You'll see the Add an update' dialog: Add what you know, click on Submit Alternate' and we will make it available for others to see. This information will also be added to our search index over time to help others find this record. If you added in something incorrectly, you will see a trash can icon in the summary panel. Click on the trash can and your submission will be removed. Enhanced image page If you've ever tried to read an image you know how handy it would be to see the indexed information on the same screen. In our enhanced image viewer, the index panel below the image will show you the transcription for each record on the image. Sometime on Wednesday, July 29th, images from the following data collections will be shown in the new enhanced image page. Go to one of the search pages listed below, search for one of your ancestors or anyone else you can think of that lived in the 1860's or 1870's, view the image and see what the enhanced image page has to offer.

We will be making more census data collections available in the new enhanced image page over the next few weeks, and other data collections over the next few months. You will be able to view and add alternate submissions from the index panel. Mouse over the field you would like to add information for, and when you see the pencil, click. Add the alternate information, and you will then see it in bold italics in the index panel. If you see information in italics but it is not bolded, then it means someone other than ancestry has added that information. You can read more about the enhanced image page in a previous post Enhancements to the ancestry.com image page Happy Searching!