Embracing Privacy Best Practices for the Industry
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As the market leader in consumer genomics, Ancestry recognizes our responsibility to lead by example and set the bar for industry innovation. We empower our customers at every step of their self-discovery journey, and protecting our customers' privacy is our highest priority. We understand the sensitive nature of the information we handle and our responsibility as stewards. For over 30 years, our commitment to making self-discovery journeys simpler, easier, smarter and more secure has anchored every innovation at Ancestry. Today, along with others in our industry, we doubled down on that promise, working with the Future of Privacy Forum to develop and introduce the Privacy Best Practices for Consumer Genetic Testing Services. These Best Practices establish standards for the industry by providing a policy framework for the collection, retention, sharing and use of genetic data generated by consumer DNA testing services. We thank the Future of Privacy Forum for their leadership in working to get these Best Practices drafted, vetted and aligned. Today is just the start. We look forward to seeing these Best Practices broadly adopted across the industry and evolve as the industry continues to grow.