Coming Soon to Search—More Control Over Your Results!
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A new sliding control is coming to the Ancestry search function over the next couple of weeks. Located in the upper-left corner of the search results page, it will make it easy to quickly broaden or narrow your search results.  Don't see the search results you were expecting' Simply drag one or more sliders from left to right to quickly modify your results.  The slider position shows how closely your search terms should be matched.  With all the sliders to the left, your results are matched at the broadest level, and moving one or more sliders to the right will display more exact matches.


When you move the slider, a tip box will show how closely your search term will be matched.  Once you've set the sliders to the levels you want, tap or click the Update button to see your results with the new settings.


In this first update, you'll be able to use slider controls on these fields:
  • First and last name of the person being searched
  • Birth and Death facts
  • One Any event' fact
  • One residence location
Other criteria in your search will still be available to edit using the Edit Search' link and will be noted in the Other' section just above the Edit search' link. You'll start seeing the sliding controls gradually over the next few weeks, so look for them soon on your search results page.