Coming Soon – AncestryDNA is Evolving
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You may have heard, we are close to launching a new evolution to the AncestryDNA ethnicity results. Here's some more information on a few of the new and exciting things AncestryDNA members will see in the coming weeks. And, you won't even need to take the test again! This is one of the many benefits of AncestryDNA; as new findings are discovered, we give you updates along the way. Here are a few highlights of what's to come.

  • New Ethnicity Results ? you will see a more refined ethnicity estimate that incorporates years of research and one of the most comprehensive and diverse collections of DNA from around the world.
  • More details. You may see some new ethnicities you didn't have before and more refined regions than ever before. The newly evolved AncestryDNA will provide you with estimates for each region and show all the populations and regions we tested you for.
  • New look, enhanced experience. The map, estimates and details of your personalized ethnicity will have a brand new look and feel. We've integrated feedback from our members to make the experience of your DNA results even better.
  You can see why we're really excited for this next evolution, and for our AncestryDNA members to see the breakthroughs that our science team is making in the field of genetic genealogy. Stay tuned and we'll let you know when these updates will be available to all AncestryDNA members. What will you discover with AncestryDNA' This is just the beginning, come join the journey.