Bringing families together this holiday season
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To our global community, 

Wherever you are, this holiday season will be different. Our family gatherings might not be what we’re used to, and the uncertainty of what the future may bring weighs on us all. In fact, recent research from The Morning Consult shows that Americans are reimagining the holiday season, with nearly half of get togethers being cancelled altogether and 72% of Americans not planning to travel at all this winter. But if there’s one thing this year has taught us, it’s that family grounds us and makes us feel less alone–something we need now, more than ever. 

At Ancestry®, we believe learning more about who you are and where you come from gives you a greater sense of belonging and creates a stronger foundation for navigating the world around you. 

The majority of Americans agree: 80 percent of those polled felt a greater sense of resiliency, connection and belonging after learning stories about their ancestors’ struggles and triumphs, and over 90 percent of Americans believe there are lessons from the past that can help change how they live today.* 

In this year of many unforeseeable challenges, we know people are looking for more meaningful ways to celebrate the holidays while many are apart. We want to help them discover their history, inspire rich conversations and create a stronger sense of belonging when people need it most. When you share your family history–their hardships, what they overcame, the untold stories–it strengthens family bonds. It creates a greater sense of belonging, not just with your family, but with society as a whole. It’s a powerful feeling that everyone deserves access to. 

That is why, today we are proud to announce that this Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, Ancestry® is helping to bring families closer together and feel more connected by opening free access to our StoryScout™ technology. 

With just one click, the StoryScout tool sifts through Ancestry's records and can collect and curate stories about your ancestors to give you easy discoveries with no research needed. It can provide free, personalized discoveries for family history research novices and experts alike. Starting Thursday, November 26, visit and simply start by entering a grandparent’s name and where they might have lived and you could be given rich, visual stories about who your ancestors were, where and how they lived, the challenges they overcame, and ultimately how their story led to you. 

We are committed to continually making it even easier for everyone to find their family history and it be shared. No matter how many - or few - are seated at your table this holiday season, on behalf of the entire Ancestry family, we wish you the feeling of family warmth, togetherness and belonging.


*The Harris Poll on behalf of Ancestry, May 2020 (Conducted online within the United States among 2000 U.S. Adults 18+)