Bringing Clarity and Simplicity – Updates to Ancestry Terms and Privacy Statement
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Maintaining our customers? trust is a non-stop, 24/7 job for everyone at Ancestry. That approach is baked into how we build and market our products, how we make decisions as a business and, of course, how we think about, protect and respect the data you share with us. In that spirit, today I am happy to share some news about adjustments to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statements, and additional changes to our Privacy Center, that should make understanding these complex legal documents a little easier. Importantly, these simplified documents do not introduce any new products or data handling practices that are not currently in place; in other words, the simplified and consolidated documents contain no material changes from the prior versions. What they do accomplish is bringing together what were previously separate Terms and Privacy Statements for and AncestryDNA into single documents that cover both our family history and DNA products. As our businesses continue to grow, so too do the number of customers using products from both sides of the business, and it made no sense to require customers to navigate four documents to understand the terms that govern our services or the approach we take to privacy. Now, regardless of what product you use, there is one Terms and Conditions document and one Privacy Statement to cover them all. We also want to acknowledge that, though simplified, these are still complex legal documents. So, to make understanding the most important elements of our approach to privacy more transparent, we?ve also made some substantial changes to our Privacy Center. The design has been simplified, the language made clearer and we?ve made sure that there are understandable answers to some of your most asked questions. Whether you?re new to the service or a long-time customer, we hope you?ll take some time to look through the new Privacy Center and let us know what you think. We are committed to transparency and making it easier and simpler for you to make decisions about your personal information. We think the changes we?re introducing today are a step in that direction, and hope you agree. Please let us know if you have any questions about these updates.