“Baby, Baby, Baby” – Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne Are Related
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What do Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, Avril Lavigne and Celine Dion have in common' According to Ancestry.com, the world's largest online family history resource, the four Canadian performers are all related, sharing a family connection with some of Quebec's earliest settlers.

  • Heartthrobs: It's a family reunion of heartthrobs as Justin Bieber, who's appeared on the cover of almost every teen magazine connects with his newly found 11th cousin, once removed, Ryan Gosling. Gosling, who stole hearts in the drama, The Notebook, shares a bloodline with Bieber by way of Mathurin Roy and wife Marguerite Biré. Records indicate Roy and Biré were born in France in the early 1600s and later immigrated to Quebec, where Roy was a mason. By the time the couple passed away in the late 1600s, their family tree had already started to grow.
  • Odd Couples: It's not that Complicated' for Bieber and Avril Lavigne, who are 12th cousins. Both can trace a line straight back to the same Roy/Biré family. The branch of that family which directly connects Bieber to Lavigne started when Mathurin Roy and Marguerite Biré married.
  • Pop Prince and Pop Diva: Bieber's family tree holds yet another famous branch: pop-diva Celine Dion. Dating back to the 1600s, the Bieber/Dion connection began with 17th century ancestors the two pop stars share: Jacques Vezina and Marie Boisdon. Vézina and Boisdon were natives of France who immigrated to Quebec in the 17th century. Genealogically speaking, this connection makes Bieber and Dion 10th cousins, three times removed.
Discoveries like this are rare, so the fact that some of the top entertainment industry stars are all related is especially fascinating, says Lesley Anderson, Canadian genealogy expert with Ancestry.com. There's something special about discovering a shared connection. And to be able to go so far back in history while making that connection is one of the most satisfying aspects of family history research.