Ask Ancestry Anne: So Many Questions―We Have Answers
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We get a lot of questions here at Ancestry. And it's not surprising. Every time you discover something new about an ancestor, it tends to lead to more questions. And we are always looking for new ways to get information to you so you can get the most out of your Ancestry experience. The latest addition to our education offering is Ancestry Academy, where Ancestry employees and other experts in the genealogy field answer soseptember ancestry anneme of your most common questions. Like these:

  1. AncestryDNA. Are you not sure what is required to take a DNA test' Do you know what to expect when you get the results' Anna Swayne introduces the basics about AncestryDNA in DNA 101: An Insider's Scoop on AncestryDNA Testing, and Ross Curtis, one of our resident DNA scientists, explains the ins and outs of AncestryDNA Circles and matching in Expand and Support Your Genealogy Research with DNA Circles.
  2. Want to know how to control your search results more effectively' Do you suspect you aren't finding everything there is to find' Check out my class Seek and Ye Shall Find: Become an Ancestry Search Expert for my favorite tips and tricks on searching Ancestry.
  3. Family Tree Maker. Do you use Family Tree Maker' Are you getting the most out of it' Check out our very own Duff Wilson's course Getting the Most Out of Family Tree Maker and you will see your tree in a whole new light.
  4. New Ancestry. Not quite sure where everything is on new Ancestry Public Member Trees' Trying to understand the LifeStory page a little bit better' I'll walk you through our new look and features in my class Learn About Your Ancestors Using the Latest from Ancestry.
  5. Wills and Probate Records. Want to find your ancestors' wills and probate records and get the most out of them' I show you how to find what you need in Navigating Wills and Probates on Ancestry, and Judy Russell explains what you are looking at in The Records of Death: Using Probates in Family History.
We have over 25 courses available in Ancestry Academy and we add more every month. Many are free, and some will cost you a little extra if you aren't a World Explorer Plus member. Check out what we have, learn something new, and grow your family tree! Happy searching!