Another Bonus Update for Family Tree Maker 2012!
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If you use Family Tree Maker 2012, it's your lucky day--another bonus update has been released. And this one has a lot of enhancements I'm excited about because they've been on my wish list for awhile. If you haven't downloaded the update yet, it's simple. Just open Family Tree Maker and choose Check for Update from the Help menu. Here are a few of the new features you'll find:

  • More improvements to TreeSync. Family Tree Maker continues to make TreeSync faster, more reliable, and more customizable. If you're like me, you have personal media items like birth certificates and photos of living family members that you don't always want to include in your online tree. Now you can keep media items private on an item-by-item basis when you sync (or export) your tree. It's also easier to keep your online and desktop trees synced if you encounter an issue; previously, if you had to use a backup file, your tree wouldn't sync anymore and you'd have to upload a new version. With this update, you can back up a synced tree and restore it if you have any problems. Other TreeSync enhancements let you print a list of your sync changes and include Web links for people and URLs in source citations.
  • Organizational tool for places. The larger your tree gets, the more locations you have to keep track of. On the Places workspace, locations are now grouped together by country, state, county, and city to make them easier to look at and sort through.
  • Better backups. You now have more control when you back up your tree. If you've spent a lot of time setting up your websites favorites or creating and editing historical events for timelines, you lost this info if you had to delete your current tree and use a backup; now you can include this information in your backup file. And, media files can also be included in a backup regardless of where they're located on your hard drive.
  • Ability to copy and paste facts. Adding facts for a family just got easier. For example, if you have a residence fact for an entire family, instead of manually adding it to each person, you can add it to one person, then right-click to copy the fact and right-click again to paste the fact (on his or her Person tab). You'll be prompted to select all the family members you want to add the fact to. (Make sure you don't include the person whose fact you're copying or you'll have a duplicate.) Best of all, the copied fact will include any associated source citations, media items, and notes.
  I hope you all enjoy the latest features as much as I do. And if you haven't purchased or upgraded to Family Tree Maker 2012 yet, there's never been a better time. For those of you interested in our Mac product, be aware that Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 has been receiving similar bonus updates throughout the year and another will be coming soon.