Announcing the new AncestryDNA!
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It's an exciting day for DNA and family history fans alike here at You may have heard some of the hype about the new DNA test... well, it's here! AncestryDNA? has launched! From the overwhelming interest we've seen, it seems our members are as excited as we are about this new advancement in DNA technology. Demand is through the roof, so for now, AncestryDNA will be available to subscribers by invitation only. So be sure to get on the invite list here: In the meantime, you can watch this video, meet a couple of members on the DNA team and see what the new AncestryDNA test is all about.'v=SgSpSmdjr7s So, why is everybody so excited' What exactly can AncestryDNA do' Maybe all those family stories about your Viking ancestors were true. Maybe there's a distant cousin you've never met who has a shoebox full of old photos to share. Now you can discover your genetic ethnicity, whether you're Scandinavian, East Asian or Native American. AncestryDNA also provides you with DNA matchespeople who you may be related to. It's a gold mine of new leads as you grow your family tree. Who knows what information is out there, waiting to be discovered' And the best part is, it's dynamic and is continually updated as the database grows. But the true power of AncestryDNA is that it can be integrated with all the resources available on 34 million family trees, 9 billion records'when combined with an AncestryDNA test, they create the most comprehensive family history experience yet. Feeling a little social' Go to our facebook page and tell us what DNA discovery you're hoping to make with the new AncestryDNA test. You could win our grand prize to help you with your family history search. Let the discoveries begin!