Announcing the New Ancestry Website
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We are excited to announce that the new Ancestry website is now available to all U.S.-based members*. As some of you know, the new site has been in beta since mid-February, and thousands of Ancestry members have been actively using the new site and providing feedback (thank you!). As of today, the new Ancestry site is available to the broader Ancestry member community. The new Ancestry site has been designed to transform how you can discover and tell your family story. One of the greatest unmet needs of our members has been the desire for story. We all like to listen to and share stories, but it can sometimes be hard to unravel and tell the stories behind all the facts and information you have gathered in your tree.  With new storytelling features and a streamlined design, the new Ancestry helps you weave together richer stories that can bring you closer to knowing your ancestors as people. It's your family story, reinvented. To get the big picture of the new Ancestry, see this quick video: For a detailed FAQ on the new site and what's included, click here. To try the new site now, click here. We hope you enjoy the new Ancestry ? and experience a whole new way to bring your ancestors' stories to life.   * We rolled the new website out to U.S.-based customers to start and expect the rest of the world to experience it in the next couple of months.