AncestryDNA Reaches 4 Million Customers in DNA Database
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us-2727-dna-4million-genome-graph-soc-facebook-1200x628 Ancestry has surpassed 4 million customers in our DNA database! We?re proud to remain the largest consumer genetic testing company. Here are some fun facts about AncestryDNA:
  • From January to April 2017, AncestryDNA genotyped 1 million people. So, on average about two people took a DNA test every time there was a marriage in the United States.
  • With 4 million members, the AncestryDNA network would be the 2nd largest city in the United States based on population just after NYC.
  • The AncestryDNA database grew from 3 to 4 million in the last three months. That?s about as fast as babies are born in the United States.
Hear some of the powerful discoveries customers have made with the help of AncestryDNA, Your discoveries await with AncestryDNA. Have you made any meaningful connections with AncestryDNA? Share your story with us in the comments below.