AncestryDNA is Now Available in Canada
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AncestryDNA FB Cover One simple DNA test opens a world of new discoveries. By combining the latest advancements in DNA science with the world's largest online family history resource, AncestryDNA can tell all kinds of amazing stories ? including yours.

You might be surprised to find out how rich your ethnic roots are.

The AncestryDNA test looks at more than 700,000 markers in your DNA - allowing us to trace your family back generations. Whether you're part British, French, or from elsewhere, AncestryDNA can help you discover the names and places that make you who you are. And that's not all, even after you receive your test results, we'll continue to let you know when more cousin matches appear.

DNA + Family Trees + Historical Records = Powerful Combination

When you combine the power of Ancestry with the advanced science of AncestryDNA, the result is an unparalleled family history experience. It's the only service in the world that can sift through 850,000 DNA samples, 70 million family trees, and 16 billion historical records and pull out relevant, meaningful, and accurate details for every single one of our AncestryDNA users. AncestryDNA has been a fantastic addition in my own family history 'tool kit' and connected me with a paternal 3rd cousin who was able to expand a branch where my paper trail had gone dry. She was able to provide photos and stories about my own great grandfather and his siblings that might have taken me years to find (if ever). It was a wonderful gift to be able to share with my father and the best part is we now have more family to stay connected to! I hope you will consider taking the AncestryDNA test as each person submitting a DNA sample is another potential cousin for us to connect to. To learn more about AncestryDNA or to order your kit now, click here.