AncestryDNA Celebrates One Million People Tested
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1337-dna-15-1milliongenomescampaign-affil-all-site-customers-728x90 We just hit a huge milestone, and we are excited to celebrate! In just three short years AncestryDNA has genetically tested one million people to help them discover more about themselves and their family story. Thanks a million to all of you who have been tested and for everyone who will be taking the test soon. The AncestryDNA database has more than doubled in the last year, and so far we've delivered 99 million connections of 4th cousins or closer. That means that on average, 1 in 5,000 people who have taken the test are related within about 5 generations. DNA US Infographic    What does one million in our database mean for you' DNA testing has become a must if you're looking to discover your own story, as more people take the DNA test every day means more opportunities for connections and new discoveries. It's amazing to look back and see how fast we have grown, but what really impresses me is the stories we've heard about the connections people are making. New discoveries are happening and lives are changing because of a simple DNA test. Here are a few examples of what our one million friends have found: melyssa   I connected with a 4th cousin and was able to break down a wall on my paternal line. Melyssa from Pennsylvania (Read her full story here)     wendy AncestryDNA helped bring my sister and me together. It's been an incredible journey. Wendy from California (Read how she first met her sister here)     mike2   I solved a 30-year-old mystery using AncestryDNA. Mike from England (Watch his full story here)     Have you discovered the stories waiting in your DNA' Join the million+ who have today. Learn more now Have you made a connection using AncestryDNA that you would like to tell us about' Share your story here