Reveals the Sweetest Valentines in America's Family Trees
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Valentine Roses, Chocolate Cherry and Rose Bouquet may all sound like perfect gifts for that special someone this Valentine's Day, but historical records found on our site show they were actually names of real people. Here's just a sampling of the names our team uncovered:

  • Valentine Day (WWI Draft Card)
  • Mary A Valentine (1930 Census)
  • Cupid Hart (1870 Census)
  • Rose Bouquet (1930 Census)
  • Love Queen (WWI Draft Card)
  • Chocolate Cherry (AL Marriage Collection)
  • Lottie Chocolate (1930 Census)
  • Sweet Heart Bush (1930 Census)

Rose Bouquet - 1930 Census

Rose Bouquet - 1930 Census

Love Queen - WWI Draft Card

Love Queen (WWI Draft Card)

Valentine's Day wouldn't be Valentine's Day without chocolate. We found a little chocolate on, too. By 1900, Milton Snavely Hershey was focusing all his energy on his up-and-coming chocolate business, selling off his caramel business and producing America's first milk-chocolate Hershey bar. We found a passport applicaton on our site for Mr. Hershey from 1918, in which he applies for a passport to visit Cuba due to his interest in sugar mills and the railroad.

Milton Hershey Passport Application

Milton Hershey's Passport Application 

Go ahead and see if you have a Valentine in your family tree!