Ancestry World Archives Project: Keying During the Holidays
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Over 22,000 of you have signed up to participate in the Ancestry World Archives Project since we launched it earlier this year. You joined the 10,000+ that registered during our beta period last year. Collectively, you have keyed over 30 million records and manually arbitrated an astounding 5 million record discrepancies in our double-keying and review process. That means a total of over 11 million records have been completely indexed so far this year. We have released a total of ten completed databases onto Those indexes are now available for FREE to everyone because of your efforts. As we approach the end of the year I want to take a moment to let the larger community know about the great work that you've been doing. I also want to encourage any of you who have not yet signed up to help us accomplish our mission of saving the records of the world to do so. And, in that spirit, I want to share with you a little something I wrote yesterday for the Ancestry World Archives Project community. I hope you enjoy! As some of you wrap up your holidays, some of us are just beginning ours. And all of us are facing the end of 2009 and the New Year just around the corner. This time of year is frequently busy ? mostly with good things ? but I am still amazed (and grateful!) at the time that many of you find to keep keying and arbitrating as you contribute to this meaningful effort. I didn't think I'd have the time to keep up with you these last couple weeks of the year. After all, I have a houseful of out-of-town family that has begun to arrive for the holidays and more coming this week. Even so, I found myself sneaking in some arbitration on my laptop as I sat and watched a movie with them this weekend. I quickly realized just how much I can contribute in a couple hours of time here or there. I'll likely do that again one or two nights this week and hope you'll do the same. So, to help keep us all motivated - and with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore ? and no offense intended to any of you ? I wrote a little something that I hope inspires you ? or at least makes you chuckle! Twas the end of the long year, when all through the world In front of computers, contributors curled The Ancestry World Archives Projects they keyed In hopes that their ancestors' names they would see Or at least save those records for somebody else fore the writing on pages is ruined or pales They thought of the brick walls their help would help shatter These records they're saving they really do matter In 94 countries, from the U.K. to Spain In all U.S. States from Hawaii to Maine In six different languages records they found As they opened the Keying Tool without a sound Arbitration and keying the tasks are at hand Which project to work on sometimes is unplanned Pick a Project for Me or more City Directories Marriage Registers with no record of dowries Census from Germany, small but important Swedish Household Exams, you might wish you hadn't Postcards and Postcards and Postcards keep coming British Postal Appointments, they're really rolling Naturalizations, Illinois is now done Which one next will they work on' How bout Washington' One point two million records keyed this December You might wonder if any of them ever slumber We're saving the records of the world can't you see Ancestry World Archives Project and Me! So, key away, key away, key away all You want to help' Register, download and install. We're so grateful for all that you do out of sight Happy Keying to all and to all a good night!