Ancestry Search: Improved Collection Filters
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As we mentioned last month, we will be launching a series of filters in new search with the aim of giving the experienced searcher a lot more control over his searches and therefore making it much easier to understand search results. Early on Thursday Feb 11, we will be launching our improved Collection Filters, which will give you not only the ability to prioritize different sets of records based on location, but also the ability to exclude everything but those records. First, make sure you are in new search, and you are in advanced mode. At the bottom of the main and category search forms, you will see the Collection Priority area: So if you wanted to search for your great great grandfather John Smith in Canadian records, you could set the collection priority to Canadian: And if you only want to see records from those collections, you would check the "Show only records from these collections" checkbox: Then perform your search, and your genealogy records will only come from this group of collections. Also, once you set your collection priority it stays "sticky", so if you want to prioritize or limit to a different set of collections, you will need to reset this. Happy Searching!