Ancestry® provides access to AncestryClassroom™ for teachers and educators in Australia and New Zealand
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At Ancestry®, we aim to mobilize our global Ancestry family and products to build more connected and resilient communities by empowering the next generation of history makers. 


For nearly a decade, AncestryClassroom™ has helped students learn more about themselves, navigate the world around them, and become more resilient. We do this by providing educators with access to classroom resources, professional learning tools and Ancestry historical record collections at no cost.


In an effort to reach more students globally, Ancestry is thrilled to expand access to AncestryClassroom™  to educators and students in Australia and New Zealand. 


More than 7 million students across the United States currently have access to AncestryClassroom™  and we are excited to support educators in Australia and New Zealand in helping their students personally connect to history, develop research skills, access original documents, develop a sense of self and much more. 


AncestryClassroom™ Australia and New Zealand includes access to Ancestry content from a UK Heritage Plus membership, for free. This includes access to all Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland records. 


Teachers, administrators, and district officials in Australia and New Zealand can sign up at to receive access to these resources. Schools in the United States can sign up at If you have questions, please email [email protected].