Ancestry Product Update: Person Page Changes
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We recently released a couple changes to the Fact and Lifestory pages and wanted to share how you can benefit from this update:  Quick Edit Hover Quickly edit via the Quick Edit without having to navigate to that family member?s page, edit, and return to your previously spot.

  1. Hover over the family members? card and an Edit button will appear.
  1. Click the Edit hover button and the Quick Edit Modal will appear enabling for quick edits to be made without having to navigate to their page.
  Teaser Historical Insights We have reduced the size of unaccepted historical insights to decrease the scrolling of the timeline on Lifestory as well as to better identify new insights. These insights can lead to a greater understanding of why your ancestor did what they did. Perhaps they experienced flooding and needed to move or the flooding destroyed all trace of them  and a historical insight reveals that many in that area contracted an illness or a natural disaster. Now when a historical insight is recommended, the image will be a horizontal crop of the entire image.   None of the functionality regarding the saving of a historical insight to your person?s timeline has changed. To save a historical insight to your ancestor?s timeline:
  1. click the ?Review?
  1. Once on the historical insight?s main page, scroll down to where your Ancestor?s name and image are displayed. Select ?Keep? to keep it on your ancestor?s page.
  1. Once you?ve kept it on your ancestor?s timeline, the full-sized image will display in their timeline.
  Note and Comment Notification Icon We have introduced the presence of the note and/or comment icon on the person card header on the person page. When there is a note present on a person, the note icon (clipboard) will appear within the header informing you that a note is present. Notes remain private and only Editors and Owners can see them. It doesn?t matter if your tree is public or private.   When there is a comment or comments, the comment icon will appear as well as a comment count. And remember comments are always public. Other Ancestry Members can view them.   We hope you enjoy these quick updates, please provide feedback and questions below in the comments.