Ancestry Product Update: February 1st Issue
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Following the global transition that took place last month, we wanted to highlight features we recently released and others we are still working on. As always, we have also included links to articles and videos at the end of this post that will help answer your questions and provide more tips on the new site.

Feature we introduced:

Continue Searching - When you've gone to the trouble of refining your search results to exactly what you are interested in seeing, we want you to be able to save records and pick up where you left off. Continue Searching was a feature in our old website that allowed you to do just that, and we're pleased to announce that it is now part of our updated website as well.

Here's how it works: after you save a record to your tree from a search result, you get a notification in the lower right corner of your screen that lets you know what you saved and how it added to and updated your family tree. Within this notification, we've added a button that takes you back to your search results, with any refinements just where you left them (such as focusing on marriage records in Ireland, for example). This can be a real time saver, and we hope this helps streamline the process of adding records to your family tree.


  Looking for help on the LifeStory and Facts page on your tree' We've put together some short video tutorials that will show you how to accomplish tasks in the new Ancestry and get you back to your research. At the bottom right corner of the LifeStory and Facts page you will see the tutorials button. CSU_LifestoryTutorial Click on Tutorials and you will see a list of videos (all about a minute long), that will show you how to Add a New Person, Change a Relationship, and other tasks. CSU_Tutorials   The functionality of the current Family Group Sheet is duplicated with that of the Facts view. We are working to introduce a new Family Group Sheet report that offers more information about a family in one glance, and it will be similar to a traditional family group sheet report. There is no release date scheduled as of yet, but we wanted to make sure you knew it was still under review. We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to keep submitting it via this form, and we will continue to update you on major features we are working on that will help you discover, share and preserve your family history. Thank you.  

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