U.S. Content Update: Ancestry now digitizing onsite at NARA
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naracl.jpgFor years we've been purchasing and digitizing microfilm publications from The National Archives, such as the U.S. Federal Census, passenger lists, and naturalization records. Upon completion, each digitized collection is then published on Ancestry.com, making it possible for subscribers to access these records online at home, or wherever they connect to the internet. Some of you might have heard of a recent agreement reached between NARA and The Generations Network. This agreement now allows us to operate digitization equipment onsite at The National Archives, thus making it possible to bring to you records that have never been available outside the NARA facility where they are stored. After months of intense (and intensely fun) research, we've selected several collections and have begun digitizing them. Two of the early projects are 1) Death Reports of American Citizens Abroad, 1835-1974 and 2) Passenger and Crew Arrival and Departure Lists, 1897-1958. So, instead of you having to travel to Washington, D.C. to browse through these records, we're bringing them to you. Stay tuned.