Ancestry® Delivers More Precise Ethnicity Estimates Powered by the World’s Largest Consumer DNA Network
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Powered by the world’s largest consumer DNA network, millions of family trees linked to AncestryDNA® test results, and by increasing our reference panel, Ancestry® is releasing our most precise DNA update yet.

While your DNA doesn’t change, the science we use to determine your ethnicity estimates does. Advances in the algorithms used to analyze your DNA and increases in the size and diversity of the reference panel can help you connect to even more regions around the world. As our DNA network grows and science advances, you can expect more comprehensive and precise results.

In our latest update we have been able to break larger regions—like England, Wales & Northwestern Europe; Ireland & Scotland;  Italy; China; Japan; the Philippines; Cameroon, Congo & Southern Bantu Peoples; and Eastern Europe & Russia—into smaller, more precise ones.  In addition, we have added a new region in Cyprus.

With coverage around the world, your next discovery could be waiting in our latest ethnicity update


We’ve asked Barry Starr, Ph.D., Director of Scientific Communications at Ancestry, to share his excitement with our newest update. Learn why your latest results could include more Scotland in your ethnicity estimates as Barry explains how the Ancestry science team tirelessly works to deliver ethnicity improvements.

Whether you’re ready to view your updated ethnicity estimates or you’d like to purchase an AncestryDNA kit, Barry also has some guidance to help you on your journey of discovery in his article, “5 Things Everyone Should Know About Consumer DNA Tests”.