For more than 30 years, Ancestry has provided a platform for people to discover, preserve and share the most important information about themselves and their families. As we enter 2021, more people around the world are embracing Family History to bring their families closer together and build more meaningful connections. 

With the start of the new year, we are deepening our focus on Family History, accelerating our ability to fulfill our mission to empower journeys of personal discovery to enrich the lives of those we serve. 

This includes AncestryDNA, which remains an important part of our Family History success. We are excited to continue to innovate across our experience, delivering product improvements and more record collections to help make finding discoveries easier and faster. 

As we carefully considered how to maximize the impact we hope to have on the world, we have made the strategic, but difficult, decision to discontinue AncestryHealth. 

When we launched AncestryHealth in 2019, our vision was to empower people to take action to address potential health risks identified in their genes and family health history. During the past 15 months, AncestryHealth has been trailblazing in many regards. 

As the first next generation sequencing (NGS) product on the market widely available to consumers for less than $200, AncestryHealth made a major leap in democratizing access to personalized health information. Through partnerships with the healthcare ecosystem, we have delivered genetic risk information during a time when health was top of mind for everyone. In outreach to the physician community and to families, everywhere, we raised awareness of the potential of genomics in detecting risks for breast cancer and other life-altering conditions. 

We are incredibly proud of our Health team’s accomplishments and are inspired by their efforts and passion. The hard work and innovation that launched AncestryHealth -- through a collaboration with partners including PWN, Quest Diagnostics and Illumina -- leaves a lasting legacy of better health for many. Quest Diagnostics, which pioneered the breakthroughs in NGS technology that powered insights from AncestryHealth, intends to continue to build on these innovations with a range of applications.

Our commitment to supporting families remains deeper than ever, and we look forward to sharing more about how we’re innovating to enable discoveries that enrich lives. 

AncestryHealth will no longer be available for purchase as of Jan. 15, but we will continue to support customers through mid-2021. For more information, please visit