Ancestry Day in San Francisco 2011
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This past Saturday, and the California Genealogical Society brought you Ancestry Day in San Francisco 2011, a day to discover and celebrate your family history. The exciting event helped a number of attendees start or hone their genealogical skills with informative classes, expert consultations and more. There were dozens of classes that covered a wide range of topics like:

  • Getting started in family history
  • Finding immigrationa and emigration records online
  • Locating living family members and lost relatives
  • Getting the most out of your membership
  • Using maps in your genealogical research
  • How social networking can further your family history research
And if you were one of the many who were not able to attend this great event, don't worry, we have some classes available to you online for FREE! Four classes of the day's events were pushed across Livestream,'s live events channel. We have the classes now available for you to watch in replay. Emigration & Immigration Records Online with Crista Cowan "Barefoot Genealogist" Have you always wanted to know where your ancestors came from before they embarked on a life in America' Are you convinced your grandmother's name was changed at Ellis Island' We'll share with you our top tips for finding your immigrant ancestory and tracing them back to the Old Country, no matter which country that is. We'll also share with you the TOP FIVE assumptions you shouldn't make when doing immigration research. Watch the class here:'v=lwrBlALm7qk How to Find Civil War Roots on with Anne Mitchell "Ancestry Anne" Learn how to identify your Civil War ancestors, create a research plan, collect and interpret the records and tell the story. Watch the class here:'v=-11LfqhkLeU Five Quick Tips for Digging UP Answers at with Jeanie Croasmun Learn from someone else's mistakes - your instructor's - as she walks you through her six-year battle to find an immigrant family in the 20th century. You'll leave with solid tips and how-to instructions leading to research gold at Watch the class here:'v=rCw2oDLzdrA Find them Fast: Secrets to Searching Your Family History on with Laura Dansbury Want to make more discoveries' Want to find out how to search more efficiently on' In this class, we will talk about and demonstrate how to create better searches and use what you find to discover more about your ancestors. We will focus on using search forms and filters, how to use place pages, how to find and recreate your recent searches, find help on specific record types, use wildcards, and much more. Watch the class here:'v=EiEyz5wLjlg Stay tuned for more event we will bringing you live in 2012 via Livestream and to stay up to date on all future Ancestry events, on and offline. Be sure to fan us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. You'll also be able to watch all of our videos on our YouTube channel as well.