Monthly Newsletter in Your Online Messages Inbox
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Today, for the first time, you should notice an important email communication delivered to your Messages inbox: the Monthly Update, our monthly newsletter. Messages linkThe online Messages feature is a place where members can anonymously contact one another to share research about common ancestors, as well as where we can send important company communications to all of our members at once. To access the Messages feature, simply click the "Messages" link at the top of any page on The Monthly Update (the newsletter) is one of the primary ways we communicate new record releases, site updates and company news, as well as provide educational resources in the form of articles, tips and advice from professional genealogists. We've recently heard from some members that they are not receiving the newsletter in their email. While we continue to work hard to ensure the best email deliverability possible and will continue to send the newsletter by email, we also wanted to try delivering the newsletter directly to your Messages inbox on By delivering the newsletter to you on the site we can make sure each of our members is getting the chance to hear about our latest content releases and site updates. It will also allow you to access the newsletter when you're on the site and focused on your family history. If you'd like to save a newsletter to refer back to it (for example, for mention of a particular collection you were interested in or tip you wanted to try), the online Messages feature can also serve as a simple organizational tool for you. As a courtesy to those who don't want to receive the newsletter online through the Messages feature, we have also provided you with the opportunity to not receive future issues online.  Simply open the newsletter in your Messages inbox and click the "block this user' or don't send me messages like this' link. AMU in Inbox 2 We hope you check out the newsletter in your Messages inbox today and let us know what you think.