Ancestry® Announces New Visual Design Providing a More Modern Look and Feel Setting The Stage For More Customer Requested Updates
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Today, Ancestry® is unveiling a new visual design providing a more modern look and feel to your family history discovery experience.

In addition to a more modern look and feel, this change includes improvements to consistency and accessibility across Ancestry. This sets the stage for more frequent updates and will help us launch new features faster.

Some members will see this design update today. If your account doesn’t have the new look yet, you will soon as we continue to roll out these changes to our community.


What’s New

After you log in, pages on the Ancestry site include the following updates:

  • Colors - Warmer, softer tones, and improved contrast ratios for legibility and accessibility
  • Fonts - New typefaces provide more personality, and a more modern look
  • Icons and illustrations - Updated to improve comprehension and consistency on all types of screens
  • Buttons - “Pill” shapes are easier to distinguish and soften edges
  • Avatars (the illustrations representing people in trees) - New, minimalist leaf shape and more inclusive representations for default avatars


You Asked, We Listened. 

Our community shared positive feedback about similar changes already implemented in our mobile app and in response we implemented these improvements to our desktop experience. 

This update builds the foundation for other planned enhancements, allowing us to deliver more improvements, even faster. Be on the lookout for an updated homepage, a better family view in trees, improvements to search, and additional DNA communities – with even more updates coming soon.