Ancestry Anne’s Top Ten Things You Need to Know about Fold3 Military Records
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Wars have created genealogy gold mines about our ancestors.  Registration records. Service records. Pensions. Photos. And More. There is no end to what you might find about your ancestors. Not only are there the usual family history facts such as who was related to who, when they were born and died, and where they lived, but you can also learn how their lives were impacted by the wars. If you are an subscriber, you can subscribe to Fold3 for a discount. It will cost you $49.95 and  you can download as many pension records as you like.  If you order one pension record the cost can be $75. This list just begins to scratch the surface:

  1. Revolutionary War Pension Records.image07  You just never know what you might find.  Whoever wrote this probably failed penmanship, but where else are you going to find more definitive information on who Thomas Martin's children were including the fact that he had two sons named John' (It was not uncommon that if a child died young to give the next child the same name.)
  2. War of 1812 Pension Records.  Eleven percent are complete and uploaded.  And more are coming all the time.  Your ancestor's secrets may be uncovered there.
  3. Mexican War Records.  While not yet complete, these records paint the picture of many soldiers who went on to serve critical rolls in the Civil War.image08
  4. Civil War Service Records. Not only do you find records of your ancestors in muster rolls, but you will find Unit Information that help you construct what different units did and what life was like.
  5. World War I Records. Many WWI records have been destroyed.  Fold3 has gathered a much of what is left from Navy Cruise Books  to Naturalization Index ? WWI Soldiers. to Naturalizataion Index for WWI Soldiers.
  6. World War II Records.  Even if your ancestor isn't in the Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII reading these files will help you create the story of a pilot's life at its most harrowing time.
  7. Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorialimage13.  This exhibit has every name on the wall and allows you to leave your thoughts and memories for others to see. This rather poignant one for Milo S Homstad touched me.
  8. Save to You can now add links to images directly to   Learn more in this Five Minute Find: Save to Your Tree from Fold3 
  9. Fold3 Spotlights Check out Fold3 Spotlights which highlight some new fact or person written by the Fold3 staff.   Members can also add spotlights to highlight family members or other documents of interest.image11
  10. Cousin Bait.  You can annotate any page with a comment and when some distant cousin finds it, a connection can be made. I left a comment about my 3rd great grandfather's murder on this one.  That's bound to get someone's attention!
  Need help getting started' Check out How to Find Your Civil War Roots   and Fold3 Center. So remember, f you are an subscriber, you can subscribe to Fold3 for 50% off Who knows what you might be missing! Happy Searching!