All Members Now Moving to the New Ancestry
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Over a year ago, based on extensive research into our members' wants and needs, we set out to build a better website that reinvents the way Ancestry helps you discover and tell your family story. On December 15, we will complete the final transition worldwide to the new Ancestry site. Since introducing the new site to the community earlier this year, we've received thousands of comments and suggestions that have helped us shape and evolve the site, providing critical fixes, improvements and enhancements. As of now, more than 10 million people globally are on the new Ancestry. In 2016, we'll continue our efforts to deliver key feature improvements that you have requested ? specifically for search, hints, and mobile experiences:

  • We will continue to hone the quality of our search results and hints to make finding people and records on Ancestry smarter, more accurate and more relevant.
  • We will give you more control over how you curate, display and share your ancestors' stories, with additional ways to customize the presentation and content in LifeStory, as well as new powerful media tools.
  • And finally, we will provide increased functionality and capabilities that will give you a great Ancestry experience whether you use the Ancestry site on your desktop, phone or tablet.
We realize that change is never easy, and that it takes time to adjust to a new experience. Thank you for your patience. We appreciate your support, feedback, and passion for Ancestry.