ABC’s of Commonly Used Nicknames (Q-Z)
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Over the last few months, we ran a series of blog posts that highlighted nicknames or alternate first names your ancestors may have used. We've all seen at least one ancestor referred to by a nickname in a public record. Before you throw in the towel on that ancestor who has been eluding you, consider that he or she may have been using a a nickname or spelling reflective of their homeland, rather than the first name you're expecting.Grass Letters Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z Today is the last in the series and features first names starting with letters Q-Z, although we were hard pressed to find any first names along with their respective nick names beginning with letter 'Q,' 'X,' and 'Y.'

R - Female 
Rachel Shelly
Rebecca Reba, Becca, Becky
Rafaella/Ralphaella Raffi, Raffa
Regina Reggie, Gina
Relief Leafa
Rhoda Ro
Rhoana Ro, Ana
Rhodesia Dicey, Roddie, Roddy
Roberta Bobbie, Robbie, Bert
Rosabel/Rosabella Belle, Rosa, Rose, Roz
Rosalyn/Rosalinda Rosa, Rose, Linda, Roz
Roseann/Roseanna Rose, Ann, Roz, Rosie
Rose Rosie
Rosemary Rosie, Rose
Rosetta Rose, Rosie
Rowena Ro
Roxanne/Roxanna Ann, Rose, Roxie
R - Male 
Raphael Ralph, Rafe
Randall Ran, Randy
Randolph Randy, Dolph
Raymond Ray
Reginald Reg, Reggie, Naldo, Renny
Reuben Rube
Richard Dick, Dickon, Rich, Rick, Ricky
Robert Bob, Dob, Dobbin, Hob, Hobkin, Rob, Robby, Bobby, Robin, Rupert
Roderick Rodger, Roge, Rick, Ricky
Rodrigo Rod
Rodney Rod
Roger/Rodger Roge, Hodge, Rod, Rog
Roland Lanny, Rollo, Rolly
Ronald Ron, Ronny, Naldo
Rudolph/Rudolpho/Rudolphus Dolph, Olph, Rolf, Rudy
Rupert Rupe
Russell Russ, Rusty
S - Female
Sabrina Brina
Sally Sarah, Sadie
Sandra Sandy
Sarah Sally, Sadie, Sal
Selina (Celina) Lena
Serena Rena
Shirley Lee, Sherry, Shirl
Silvia Silvie, Sil, CeCe
Submit Mitty
Susan/Susannah/Suzanna/Susanna/Suzanne Sue, Sukey, Susie, Hannah
S - Male
Samuel Sam, Sammy
Sebastian Bass
Seymour Morey, See
Shelton Shelly, Shel, Tony
Sheridan Dan, Danny, Sher
Sherman Sher
Sidney Sid, Syd
Silas Sy
Simon/Simeon Si, Sion
Smith Smitty
Solomon Sal, Salmon, Saul, Sol, Solly, Zolly
Stanley Stan
Stephen/Steven Steve, Steph
Stefan Stef
Stewart Stew
Sullivan Sully, Van
Sylvester Si, Sly, Sy, Syl, Vester, Vet
T - Female
Tabitha Tabby
Talitha Litha, Letha, Telia
Temperance Tempy
Theresa Terry, Tess, Tessie, Tessa, Thirza, Thursa, Tracy
Tryphena Phena
Tullah Lula
T - Male
Terence Terry
Thaddeus Thad
Theobald Theo
Theodore Ted, Teddy, Theo
Thomas Tom, Thom, Tommy
Thornton Thorny
Timothy Tim, Timmy
Tobias Toby, Bias
U - Female
Ursula Ursie, Ursl, Ursy, Uschi
U - Male
Ulysses Uly, U
Uriah Riah, Urie
V - Female
Valentine Felty, Tina, Val
Valerie Val
Vanessa Nessa, Essa, Vanna
Veronica Franky, Frony, Ron, Ronnie, Ronna, Vonnie
Victoria Vicky, Vic
Virginia Ginger, Ginny, Jane, Jennie, Virgy
Virjean Jean, Virgy
Vivian Viv
V - Male 
Vernon Vern
Vincent/Vinson Vince, Vin, Vinny
W - Female
Winifred Winnie, Winnet, Freddie
Wilhelmina Freddie, Minnie, Winnet, Winnie
W - Male
Wallace Wally
Walter Walt, Wally
Washington Wash
Webster Web
Wesley Wes
Wilber/Wilbur Will, variant of Gilbert
Wilfred Will, Willie, Fred
William Will, Willie, Bill, Billy, sometimes Bell or Bela
Winfield Win, Winny, Field
Woodrow Wood, Woody, Drew
Z - Male
Zachary/Zachariah Zach, Zachy, Zeke
Zebedee Zeb
Zebulon Zeb
Zedediah Zed, Diah, Dyer
Zephaniah Zeph
Have any first names starting with Q-Z that we've missed' Leave a note in the comments below and we'll add it to our list, which we'll compile as a free PDF and make available to download in our Ancestry Learning Center in the coming weeks. You can see the list of other nicknames in this series here, A-C D-F G-K L-P