ABC’s of Commonly Used Nicknames (L-P)
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Colored watercolor hand painted letters. L, M, N, O, PEver been head down in family history research only to discover a new name in historical documents that makes you scratch your head' It happens to all of us. Before you start down another long research path to find this *new* ancestor, consider that many of our ancestors were known by nicknames which were common in their day and/or well known from their homeland. Over the last few weeks, we've started a series to highlight commonly used nicknames our ancestors may have been called. Today we spotlight those starting with first names L-P,
L - Female
Lavina/Lavinia Ina, Viney
Lenora Nora, Lee
Letitia Lettice, Lettie, Tish, Titia
Lillian Lil, Lilly, Lily, Lolly
Loretta Etta, Lorrie, Retta, Lou
Lorraine Lorrie, Lorry, Raine, Rainey
Louise/Louisa Eliza, Lois, Lou
Lucille Lu, Cille, Lucy
Lucinda Cindy, Lu, Lucy, Lou
Lucretia Creasy, Lu, Lou
Luella Ella, Lu, Lula
Lydia Lidia, Lyddy
L - Male
Lamont Monty
Lawrence Larry, Lorne, Lorry, Lon
Lemuel Lem
Leonard Leon, Len, Leo, Lenny
Leopold Leo
LeRoy Roy, Lee
Leslie Les
Lester Les
Levi Lee
Lincoln Link
Littleberry Berry, Little, L.B.
Louis Lou, Louie,
Lucas/Ludwig Luke
Luther Luke
Lyndon Lindy, Lynn
M - Female
Madeline Lena, Maddie, Madge, Magda, Maggie, Maud
Magdelena Lena, Maggie, Peggy
Malinda Linda, Lindy, Mel, Mindy
Matilda Tilly, Matty, Maud
Margaret/Margaretta Daisy, Gretta, Madge, Maggie, Meg, Midge, Peg, Peggy, Margery, Marge, Meta
Marrietta Mary, Etta, Marry Etta
Martha Marty, Mat, Mattie, Patsy, Patty
Mary Mae, Mitzi, Molly, Polly, Mamie
Medora Dora
Melissa Lisa, Mel, Missy, Milly
Michelle Shelly, Shel, Mickey
Mildred Milly
Millicent Milly, Missy
Minerva Minnie, Nerva
Miranda Mandy, Mira, Randy
Miriam Mitzi, Mimi
Muriel Mur
M - Male
Marcus Mark
Marmaduke Duke
Martin Marty
Matthew/Matthias Matt, Thias, Thys
Maurice Morey
Maxwell Max
Mervyn/Marvin Merv, Marv
Michael ickey, Mike
Mitchell Mitch
Montgomery Monty, Gum
Morton Mort, Morty
Mortimer Mort, Morty
Moses Moze, Mos
N - Female
Nancy Nannie, Nan
Natalie Nettie, Natty
Nicole Nikky, Nicky
N - Male
Napoleon Nappy, Leon, Nap
Nathan Nate
Nathaniel Nate, Nat, Natty, Than, Nathan
Nicholas Claas, Nick
Norbert Bert, Norby
Norman Norm
O - Female
Olivia Liv, Olly, Nolly
Orphelia Phelia
Ophelia O, Phelia
O - Male
Obadiah Diah, Dyer, Obie, Obed
Oliver Ollie
Orlando Lanny, Orland
Oswald Ozzy, Waldo
P - Female
Pamela Pam, Mel
Patience Pat, Patty
Patricia Pat, Patty, Patsy, Tricia
Paula Polly
Paulina Polly, Lina
Penelope Nappy, Penny
Philena Lena, Philly
Priscilla Cilla, Prissy, Cissy
Prudence Prudy, Prue
P - Male
Patrick Paddy, Pat, Patsy, Peter
Percivial Percy
Philetus Phil, Leet
Philip Phil
Prescott Scott, Scotty, Pres
Have any first names starting with L-P that we've missed' Leave a note in the comments below and we'll add it to our list, which we'll compile as a free PDF and make available to download in our Ancestry Learning Center at the end of this series. You can see the list of other nicknames in this series here, A-C D-F G-K