ABC’s of Commonly Used Nicknames (G-K)
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Your ancestor may not always be listed in records with the first name he or she was given at birth. Over the last few months, we introduced a series of blog posts featuring commonly-used nicknames that you may run across in your research. If you're not finding your ancestors in the records, try searching for them with some of these variants. Some nicknames were more common in various regions, and some nicknames not commonly-used today, were widely-used by our ancestors. It can be helpful to browse records from the time and place in which your ancestor lived to see what first names and nicknames were common. Today, we review some commonly-used nicknames for first names starting with letters G-J,

G - Female
Gabrielle/Gabriella Gabby, Ella
Genevieve Eve, Jenny, Jean
Geraldine Gerrie, Jerry, Gerry, Dina
Gertrude Gert, Gertie, Trudy
Gwendolyn Gwen, Wendy
Gwenevere Genny
G - Male
Gabriel Gabby, Gabe
Gaistone Gus
Garfield Gar, Field
Garvin Gar, Vin, Vinny
Geoffrey Geoff, Jeff
Gerald/Jerold Jerry, Gerry
Gilbert Gil, Bert, Wilber
Gustine Gus
Gustavus Gus
H - Female
Hannah Nannie/Nanny, Nan
Harriet Hattie, Hat
Heidi Adelaide
Helen Ella, Ellie, Ellen, Lena
Heloise Eloise, Lois
Henrietta Etty, Etta, Hank, Henri, Retta, Nettie
Hermoine Hermie
Hester Hessy, Esther, Hetty
H - Male
Hansl Hans, Hanz
Hamilton Ham
Halsey Hal
Harlan Harley
Harold Hal, Harry
Henrich Heiner, Heinz
Henry Hal, Hank, Harry
Herbert Bert, Herb, Herbie
Hiram Hy, Hez
Horace Horry
Hubert Hugh, Bert, Hub
Humphrey Humph
I - Female
Irene Rena
Isabel/Isabelle/Isabella Bella, Bella, Issy, Nibby, Tibbie
Isadora Issa, Dora
I - Male
Ignatius Iggy, Nate, Natius
Isaac Ike, Zeke
Isidore Izzy
Ira Ike
J - Female
Jane Janie, Jean, Jennie, Jessie, Gincey
Janet Jessie
Jacqueline Jackie
Jean/Jeanne Jane, Jeannie
Jeanette Janet, Jean, Jessie, Nettie
Jemima Mima
Jennifer Jennie, Jenny, Jen, Jenn
Jessica Jessie, Jess, Jessie, Jessy, Jessi
Joan Nonie
Joanna/Johannah Joan, Jody, Hannah
Josephine Jo, Joey, Josey, Josie, Fina
Joyce Jo, Joy
Juanita Nita, Nettie
Judith Judy
Julia Julie, Jill
J - Male
Jacob Jake, Jay
Jacques Jack
Jackson Jack
James Jim, Jimmy, Jamie
Jasper Joshua, Josh
Jedediah Jed, Dyer
Jefferson Jeff, Sonny
Jeremiah Jeremy, Jerry, Jereme
John Jack, Johnny, Johnnie
Johnathan John, Johnny, Nathan
Joseph Joey, Joe
Joshua Josh, Jos
Josiah Jos
Judson Jud, Sonny
Julian/Julius/Julias Jule
K - Female
Katherine Kathy, Kat, Katie, Katy, Kittie, Kit, Kitty
Keziah Kizza, Kizzie
K - Male
Kenneth Ken, Kenny
Kendall Ken
Kendrick Ken
Kent Ken
  Have any first names starting with G-J that we've missed' Leave a note in the comments below and we'll add it to our list, which we'll compile as a free PDF and make available to download in our Ancestry Learning Center at the end of this series. You can see the list of other nicknames in this series here, A-C D-F