85 Years in the Making - AncestryDNA Reunites Siblings
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The story was not a new one for Dale Frye. He had grown up knowing about a half-sister who was conceived in California, 20 years before he was born, following a short stay there by his father. Dale took an AncestryDNA test with the hopes of finding some clues on his sister. With no immediate close connections, he started to lose hope. A year later, he received a message from a woman named Terry, who was located in California, and curious how they could be so closely related. As Terry and Dale's wife Polly started to put the pieces together, they quickly realized this was going to be quite the surprise for Gloria Molner, Terry's mother. Gloria was an only child, raised by her mother and a man she thought was her biological father. When we heard their story, we decided to fly Dale and his wife Polly out to meet Gloria and her children, Terry and Wayne. It was an emotional reunion for all.

"We've got a big family now ... we've got to stick together" ~ Gloria Molner
I feel honored to have been part of Dale and Gloria's reunion, and am thrilled to see the immediate bond that formed between them and the rest of the family. They are already making arrangements for Gloria to visit her other siblings in the Midwest.