7 #AncestryAdvice tips for researching your ancestors
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What tip would you share with a researcher who's just started their family history journey' We posed this question to our UK Twitter community recently and were overwhelmed with helpful responses ? everything from who and how to research, to buying your self nice stationery for all those notes you'll be taking. Here are 7 of your top pieces of #AncestryAdvice that we think are particularly helpful for ensuring you get the best out of your research. From @Melissa_H_Chi AncestryAdvice_1 From @Markymoomoo39 AncestryAdvice_TW-2 From @Andie_Pandiepie Ancestry-Advice-TW-1 From @auntiemabelorg Ancestry-Advice-TW-3 From @BellLovesSims3 Ancestry-Advice-TW-4 From @Chromeboy1884 Ancestry-Advice-6 From @jasoneden Ancestry-Advice What piece of #AncestryAdvice would you pass on to a fellow family history researcher' Let us know in the comments below or tweet us on @AncestyUK #AncestryAdvice