3 generations, 6 women, 1 family. Together, Connecting to Their Past.
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With AncestryDNA, anyone can take this test and find out their recent ancestral connections: on the direct maternal line, direct paternal line, and all the lines in between. And because it looks across the entire spectrum of your tree, you can benefit from getting multiple people in your family tested. It can also be a lot of fun to test several family members and then compare your DNA results. Here is a great example. A grandmother, her three daughters, and two granddaughters all took the test. These are the ethnicity results from all three generations.   lou family Ethnicity estimates for a woman, her three daughters, and two granddaughters. (Click the image to enlarge.)   Did you see both the similarities and the variations in the results' It's interesting to see how each child is unique. Did you see the genetic influence of Europe East ethnicity' Since the grandmother doesn't have any of that group - we know the daughters inherited Europe East from their father. Whatever a child doesn't share in common with her mom implies she inherited from her father's side.  Having Dad tested will provide more specifics about the inheritance. In talking to the grandmother about her experience this is what she said we were pretty amazed at the different ethnic groups, it has the whole family talking and now two more of my granddaughters want to take the test". From this example we see the value of testing multiple people in your family'not only because it's interesting to see the differences within a family but also because each of us carries a slightly different piece of the record that has been passed down for generations. It's in our DNA. Get a test for you, your mother, and grandmother and see what it can do for all the women in your family. May 1st is the last day to order a kit for Mom and have it arrive in time for Mother's Day.