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Research Interests

Name Location Date Range
Whipkey IA, IL, PA
Brayton IA, IL, NY, Canada East, RI 1740 - 1950
McCammon MO, IN, SC, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
MacNeal PA, NJ
Cook, Cooke KS, IA, PA, NJ, MA 1620 - 1920
Smith MO, IN, NY
Smith IA, IL, NY
Warford IL, KY, VA, NJ
Crooks IN, KY, NJ
Moreland IA, IN, KY, VA
Rippetoe IL, KY, NC
Dungan IL, KY, VA
Nunn KY, VA
Dillon IL, KY, VA
Carter IL, KY
Dill IA, IL, TN, SC
Denhart IL, Germany
Koehler, Kahler ND, IL, Germany
Landau IA, IL, Germany
Spohr PA
Gildersleeve NY
Hubbard NY, Canada East, Canada
McFarland MO, VA
Elmore VA, NC, MO
Britton TN
Smelser (Smeltzer, Schmelzer) IA, MO, TN, PA 1750 - 1950
Collett TN 1780 - 1900
Brown, Braun TN, NC, PA 1750 - 1950
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