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Research Interests

Name Location Date Range
Wilson Fife, Scotland 1790 - 1850
Black Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland to Finch, Stormont, Dundas, Ontario, Canada, Carleton, Ontario 1750 - 1950
Anzalone Cerda, Palermo, Sicilia, Italy to Gouverneur, Buffalo, Watertown, NY 1800 - 1900
Lonkey Quebec, Canada to St. Lawrence County and Franklin County, NY, to Minnesota, to Nevada, to Californi 1750 - 1950
Carr Pakefield, Suffolk, England to Finch, Grantley, Osnabruck, Stormont, Dundas, Ontario to New York Sta 1700 - 1950
Philips/Phillips New York, USA to Ontario, Canada 1750 - 1950
Fleming Finch, Stormont, Dundas, Ontario, Canada to Ottawa, Ontario 1800 - 1950
Fitzpatrick Smithtown, Meath, Ireland to Guy Park, Tryon County, NY Colony to Cornwall, Stormont, Ontario 1700 - 1950
Fioretto Cerda, Palermo, Sicilia, Italy, Buffalo, Watertown, NY 1800 - 1950
Sheehan County Kerry, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland to St. Lawrence County, NY 1750 - 1950
Loney Ontario, Canada to St. Lawrence County, NY 1750 - 2000
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Ancestry Public Member Trees

Tree People Records Photos
Breitkopf Rockoff Family Tree 314 1254 67
Carr Anzalone Family Tree 5018 12767 596

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