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Research Interests

Name Location Date Range
Brady Upstate/Seneca/Monroe Co. New York USA; Co. Louth, Ireland 1500
Johnson Lower Merion Twip, Montgomery/Delaware Co. Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, PA; Denmark 1500
Duff Co. Laois/Queens, Ireland; Lower Merion Twp, Ardmore, Bryn Mawr; Montgomery/Delaware, Pennsylvania 1500
Huffman Germany, New Jersey, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri USA 1500
Commerford Ireland, Saline, Co., Kansas; Missouri, USA 1500
McGuane or McGowan Co. Clare, Ireland, Seneca/Onondaga/Ontario Co. NY 1500
Dolan Co. Waterford and Co. Kerry, Ireland; Chicago, Cook Co. and Rock Island, Illinois, USA 1500
Feely or Feeley Ireland; Dixon, Lee Co., Chicago, Cook Co., Rock Island, Rock Island Co., Illinois, USA 1500
Alderman Upstate/Seneca/Courtland/Onondaga Co. New York USA: Kansas City, MO; Northamptonshire, England 1500
Sheridan Co. Cavan, Ireland; Ardmore, Lower Merion Twp, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania, USA 1500
Plunkett Co. Louth, Ireland; Upstate/Seneca Co. New York USA; 1500
Grant Co. Laois/Queens, Ireland 1500

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Message Board Posts Last Post
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Counties > Delaware 3279 28 Aug 2019 16:15 PM
Counties > Seneca 1525 12 Aug 2019 14:28 PM
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