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Research Interests

Name Location Date Range
KENNEDY - DONOVAN IRELAND to Mahoning County, Ohio 1600 - 1999
BOTT England, Wales, Ireland - to USA: Illinois, Wisconsin, California, Arizona, Virgin islands 1600 - 2000
Riehl - Reel, Hartman, Hartzler, NAUMAN, Shirah - Scheurer PRUSSIA-GERMANY to USA 1600 - 2000
Løvaas - Laves - loves, Due, Feiring, Sorenson NORWAY to USA 1700 - 2000
Johnson - janson - jonsen SWEDEN: Tråvad, (Skaraborg) Västra Götaland, Sverige -to- USA: chicago, duluth, and... 1860 - 1999

Ancestry Public Member Trees

Tree People Records Photos
Family Tree *Verifying: trial sampling 151 308 47

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