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Research Interests

Name Location Date Range
Blood Massachusetts, USA
Shattuck Mass. And NH
Hart, drew and fogg Stoddard, Cheshire, New Hampshire, USA
Letourneau Stoughton,,mass., Vermont, st. Hyacinths, Quebec, canada 1800
Alterisio Boston, Massachusetts, USA and Italy 1832
Jordan Hartford County, Connecticut, USA and Ireland 1840
Hensel Methuen, Massachusetts, USA, Berlin, Germany 1800
Connors Ireland and Hartford, ct
Coveney Ireland and stoughton, mass
Sheldon United States of America 1700
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Ancestry Public Member Trees

Tree People Records Photos
DR Family Tree 132 20 14
Alterisio/Hart Family Tree 5075 12796 2664
Cavanaugh Family Tree 57 100 42
Debora Alterisio Cote 10067 17407 3035
Lawrence Family Tree 126 285 52
Meade Family Tree 15 48 3
MG Family Tree 6 1 0
Temporary Research Family Tree 40 115 6

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