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User Name Research Interests Member Since Last Signed In
The US Marine Corps in the Civil War 16 Jun 2004 6 days ago
Frette(Norway)Fritz(US) 7 Dec 2002 3 days ago
Taylor/Smith (name taken in US) in England 5 Jul 2005 Yesterday
A Mister Moore from O'Moore family near Belfast Ireland father of John Moore who came to US in Northern Ireland 6 Mar 2005 Over a year ago
Anders Johan Anderson (Andersson) Andrew John in the US from Tvaaker, Sweden and immigrated to US. 25 Feb 2010 Yesterday
Frederick F. Schmidt changed to Smith in US 17 Mar 2002 Today
Glaeser or Gläser (before he came to US) in Germany 7 Jun 2010 9 months ago
US 22 Jul 2010 Last month
Badgley (NY, US), Tarvin (ukn), Blust (OH, US) 7 Aug 2005 Over a year ago
Larsson (Sweden) - Larson (US) 4 May 2002 Today
Council, Flanary, Braswell, Fiers, Roe, McKinney in the US and Gibson, Rowe, Duke,Hartley in England 21 Sep 2001 5 months ago
Mostly want to extend my knowledge on any of my ancestral lines. US, or Europe. 1 Jun 2011 Yesterday
Baiocchi (In italian) Baiocco in the US 22 May 2012 Last week
US NB Navy 3115 in Papua New Guinea 23 Sep 2012 This month
Pillo (Changed to Pilla in the US) 19 Mar 2013 Last month
Gagnon (US), Bres (US), Carter (US), Reger (US), Innes (US) 23 Apr 2013 Over a year ago
Peterson took the name Elwood when he came to the US 23 Jun 2007 Yesterday
Kizis, Kezys,.....Casimir changed to Charles in US. His middle name is Joseph. 8 Oct 2007 Yesterday
Bawden. Crawley. Warner. Tucker. Nichols. Barnfather. From England only I have no US relatives 13 Jan 2008 Over a year ago
Stambaugh in US 1 Sep 2013 2 days ago
Tri-Racial-Isolate Colonial US Communities 5 Mar 2014 6 days ago
Bramlet, Bramlett, Blue, Ashlock, Davenport, York, Miller and everyone connected to US. 4 Oct 2002 Yesterday
Birch (US&UK) Rector, Lucas-Calcraft 9 Aug 2000 Over a year ago
Storck (US) or Storch (Europe) 11 Aug 2003 Last week
Douglas(s) family immigrated to US from Scotland prior to the American Revolution 22 Aug 2014 Over a year ago
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