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    U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992

    Learn about millions of new citizens as they become Americans.


    Boston Passenger and Crew Lists, 1820-1943

    See if your ancestor was among those who entered America via Boston found in our collection of Boston passenger and crew lists.


It wasn’t easy to get here.
But it’s easy to go back.

They left everything they knew — sometimes even everyone they loved — to start a new life in a country called America. The immigration story is epic, filled with tragedy and triumph. Adversity and love. Loss and promise. And it’s your story too. Our vast collection of immigration resources helps you paint a rich portrait of the people who came here and the lives they created.

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An epic saga, centuries in the making.

America has always been a country of immigrants, but immigration trends and policies varied through the years. Learn how each change affected your ancestors’ new home in our immigration timeline.

One ship. Very different experiences.

Just because they traveled together didn’t mean immigrants on the same ship had a similar voyage. Where their accommodations were on board — first class, second class or steerage — made all the difference.

Ellis Island wasn’t the end of their hardships.

Immigrants had a final stop on their journey to America, one that could prove more perilous to their quest for freedom than the ship's voyage itself — Ellis Island. But before they could get to the island, they sometimes had to wait hours or even days while their ship waited its turn to let passengers off. Numbered tags were pinned to the immigrant's clothes indicating the ship's passenger list page and line on which their names appeared. They were now ready to be processed.

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