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Transfer Reunion to thru Family Tree Maker Mac 2

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Transfer Reunion to thru Family Tree Maker Mac 2

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Hopefully, some will find this useful though not everyone will have the same requirements…so please read carefully before you go mucking about with your own stuff.

Problem Description & Caveats:
My cousin has done extensive on-the-ground research and put all of it into Reunion using Notes and Source Citations. She used no multimedia so I didn’t have to worry about losing any of that in the process. I wanted to combine her tree with my tree on without losing her Reunion Notes and Citations — and devise a method to keep them up to date as we both continued with our work in the separate tools. To avoid confusion and not burden my cousin with this process, I decided to make her Reunion updates one-way from Reunion to

The tools I used:
• Reunion 9c
• Don Worth’s Script to "Convert Reunion GED file so that sources are reasonably displayed in” Follow the instructions to create the script here:
• Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 (FTM-Mac2)
• Early 2011 MacBook Pro with 8G memory

Synching Steps: (There are multiple ways to do this…this is just one way that worked for me.)

1. Created a blank tree with a unique tree name and imported the GEDCOM
• Exported Reunion to GEDCOM using Don Worth’s script
• In FTM-Mac2, created New Tree (File->New). Gave the new tree a starting name (just my home name with sex and birth date). Then filled in the New tree name field with the name of desired “contributor tree.”
• Imported the Reunion GEDCOM (File->Import).
2. Downloaded the tree
• In FTM-Mac2 (File->New). Clicked the “Download from Ancestry” radio button, but UNTICKED the “Link to Ancestry” tick box.
• When the download was complete, FTM-Mac2 gave me the option of merging with another tree but I chose not to do that. Instead, I created a unique “host tree” name to avoid the possibility of confusing it with the original name.
3. Merged “Contributor” with “Host” tree
• Closed the “contributor tree” and in the “host tree” selected merge (File->Merge) and selected the “contributor tree”to merge.
• Then… life got a little complicated with lots of dialog boxes and lots of options. The “host file” in the dialog boxes was my “contributor tree” and the other tree was the “contributor” or some other term that I can’t remember without going through the process again. In my case, I chose to make the “contributor” the preferred but to also keep the content from the downloaded tree or “host tree.” I did this because my cousin’s Reunion-based “contributor tree” had such detailed sources, notes, and attributions.

That’s it!! Hope it helps someone…but as always YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

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