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Identifiying individual;s with an Unique Reference

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Re: Identifiying individual;s with an Unique Reference

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Hello again,
I've read about these various numbering systems after searching, but feel none will do what I need, as I'm not dealing with one family but 2000+ some of whom may be related. Also they will on the whole be in both census, plus new families which have been formed from the older children which feature in the 1901 census, and some will not feature for other reasons in the 1911 families. The next problem I can see is that the data exists in MSexcel which is a very feature full program, but not a relational database as is MsAccess, and to apply a numbering scheme to one family group would be easily possible my manual means, but there are about 1900 groups in each census many of which will be the same people. If the first family was numbered from 1, then the second from 1000, third 2000 then the numbers are going to get really large, but the point is you want the same head of family in both census to have the same identifier as he is the same person being recorded 10 years later, so if there are more children then the system needs to be able to recognise that a particular set of parents has a larger family. There are many instances where the head of a family is a widow, or widower, so the missing partner is not recorded, also sibling living together with the eldest being the head, and single people with no partner or dependants, plus a number of variations with inlaws and grand children being present. The combined census in some instances gives three generation of a family and there may be husbands or wifes family present as well which would consistute the beginings of a small family tree. Others only have minimal entries and may have to stand alone until further information arrives from the 1921 census or extracts from the civil registers. From my findings so far for both census of the 9500 people listed the extracted families about 1900 account for about 8000 people so there are about 1000 singletons which will have to be linked to a family in some way. The 1911 census is more helpfull requesting the years married, childen born and children living at the time of the census. Which now puts a frame work around each family. When I listed the 1901 census I also made an entry for missing partners of widows and widowers, and also for those who listed as married but the partner wasn't at home the day of the census. I intend to use this approach with the final version of the 1911 families, plus place holders for all children born to the family. At this point I will be reaching a limiting point if the whole thing can't be presented on line in Ancestry so that the search engine can help fill in the missing individuals from the civil registration and other family trees and other online resourses. It would be interesting to know how many Barry family trees exist with people who are listed in either or both census, and more intreging those families who emigrated from say 1800 who have a continuious heritage which remained in Ireland. Of course this will never be a comprehensive piece of work, as there are to many unknowns but it could well become a significant reference for any Barry geneoligist, future and present, I have a web site which will be populated with all this informantion for interested people to have free access to at If it could be organised in such a way that individual contributors could domate their GEDCOM and identify which family they belong to in the census then we would have enhanced the knowledge base of our family. Having a facility to add information on subsequent generations and additions to existing families would be good too. One idea I have is to step back in time and generate a 1891 census from the known families and singletons admitedly it wouldn't be a complete statement of those around in that year but it would be a significant step forward, extracting from the civil registration system Births deaths and marriages, and emigration documents may enhance the accuracy. It may be possible to go back more, once a cohesive body of data were available in a format which would allow a SQL qerry to generate the results. Which in a way answers one question on what tyoe of storage program is needed, i.e. a relational data base but setting one up for 2000 families and avoiding manual entry of the data other than the structure, tables and relationships is going to be a challenge. The unique identifier per individual would have to be available to make this possible I feel, and would have to include references to the parents and siblings somehow. There still the problem of generating a GEDCOM from excel or access to put online without having to manually enter all the data.

Food for thought?! Any ideas from those with relational database skills and how to import / export the data, and the identifier problem?
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