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Does griping work here?

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Re: Does griping work here?

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"An interesting observation is that after years of annual versions, FTM skipped one for FTM2013. It was a marketed as a "great gift" to FTM2012 users, as a rather modest update to FTM2012 was free and took the place of what would have been the FTM2013 version.

Does that mean that corporate has decided that the little gateway to the ancestry databases (FTM) isn't worth the dollars of investment to make meaningful upgrades? That they are better off using that money to acquire more databases and "partners"? and therefore focusing on the on-line trees as the main app for users? Inquiring minds want to know...."


Just for the record here is a list of what went into FTM 2012 by way of the initial release and subsequent free patches.

New in initial 2012 release
1. TreeSync™
2. Smart stories™ improvements
3. New blended families view
4. Simplified interface for version upgraders
5. New customized fact sentences

6. “New” (enhanced) notes report
7. New index of individuals and surname reports
8. New generation labels
9. Additional options in descendant chart adding text to a chart

This really was not a large list as most of the development work went into getting the new link and sync called TreeSync™ feature working reliably. TreeSync™ is a technology that links your file created in Family Tree Maker 2012 to a file that you can create online called an Ancestor Member Tree (AMT).

Changing either syncs the two files either manually or automatically. But there were a lot of difficulties getting this technology to work reliably on all computers all over the world and released a patch for Family Tree Maker 2012 called the .580 patch. This is what went into it. They also added a number of new features.

So what is in the .580 Service Release?
10. Ability to sync accepted and rejected hints between Family Tree Maker and ancestry member trees.
11. Option to include/exclude ancestry media in synced trees.
12. Undocumented facts report. (brilliant!!)
13. Task list, options to include/exclude task attributes and reclaim space for items excluded.
14. Ability to select multiple facts in the source citation link dialog.
15. Data errors report. Added an option to list event dates that are not valid, e.g. you can’t get married before you are born.
16. New family view report (nice)
17. Outline descendant report option to list only direct descendants between an ancestor and one descendant. Saved charts and reports are now listed alphabetically.
18. Individuals to include dialog opens with the current person selected in the list.

Relationship Chart
19. Father and mother are both included (at top) when relationship goes through a set of parents
20. Added option for using short place names.
21. Added option for automatically resizing text to fit. (nice!!)

Individual Report
22. Clearer notation in instances where a spouse is listed with no children.
23. Added option to include/exclude lifespan in individual summary header.
24. Added option to include/exclude individual summary on subsequent pages.

Notes Report
25. Added support for allowing notes to span across page breaks.

Data Errors Report
26. Added option to include only preferred facts.

Family Group Sheet
27. Added media for the selected person to the family picture dropdown
28. Improved spacing and label consistency.

Media Item Report
29. Added option to include/exclude media notes.
30. Added option to include/exclude media links

Photo Album.
31. Improved space recovery when including date/description

Media Usage Report
32. Added options to include/exclude caption, date, description, category, note.
33. Optimized dynamic sizing of media according to media information included.
Documented Facts Report
34. Added option to include/exclude citation notes
35. Added option to include only preferred facts.

Thirty-five, quite a list of updates! Then we got patch .704

So what is in the New 704 Release?
1. Improved sync stability and reliability
2. Place name update. This is a big change. This enhancement has been implemented specifically to better accommodate addresses and other place detail that is part of a place name.
3. Ability to mark media items private
a. Private media items are excluded from sync
b. Private media can be excluded from export
4. Web links can be added to a person via the new Web links tab in People collection (right panel) and People detail (lower panel)
5. Source citations now include a “Web address” field and an option to include/exclude the web address in the reference note
6. The Sync log now appears as a report that can be printed
7. Improved backup and restore
a. A file that is linked to Ancestry via TreeSync can be restored and re-linked so that syncing can resume with the restored instance. Note that restoring and re-linking such a file will unlink any previously linked file.
b. Options for including historical facts and web favourites are now available in backup/restore
8. Copy/paste facts—Copy a fact and paste it to anyone in the tree or into another tree. Pasting within the same tree includes the date, place, description, sources, media, and notes. Pasting to another tree does not include sources, media and notes. When pasting, you can select any/all members of the person’s family and paste to all at once.

Other Improvements
9. File and Web Merge—user interface improvements to make it easier to see what is kept and what is discarded
10. b. List of last 25 people visited (dropdown in people index find field)
11. Lifespan shown more consistently throughout the program and in charts/reports
12. LDS ordinances in the family panel (with LDS info turned on in Options)
13. Touch screen gesture support for scroll, zoom and rotate (lists, pedigree, media collection, media viewer, places map). (Interesting!!!)
14. Year-only option in the People index
15. Individual report notes associated with people and facts are more clearly designated
16. New option for setting a fact as private by default (fact properties)
17. New font size options in charts
18. Bug fixes

Another eighteen, a very significant list and all free!

And one more patch
Then we got a further patch number .723.
This covered further bug fixes but offered no additional capability, so I won’t waste space listing them all.

John D

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