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SURVEY - What facts do you feel comfortable merging from Public Member Trees?

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Re: SURVEY - What facts do you feel comfortable merging from Public Member Trees?

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"But I think YOU means a software provider such as FTM"

Yes, sorry I did not make this clear. The reality is that YOU rarely means "us" the users.

"And it that is true then the users [or standards body's]must somehow convince FTM to implement the underlying functions of GEDCOM?"

Yes. But we, the users, must understand (IMHO) the GEDCOM standard so that we can request our enhancements in a way that uses what ideas and constructs that the GEDCOM has. This of course does not mean that the software DB is an exact replica of the GEDCOM-DB, I (as a DB designer) would not ask that, but what I ask is that whatever DB design is created does not "butt heads" with GEDCOM.

"And from the many many discussions on these threads about this subject there has not been much [if any] success in this endeavor. [I am not sure, but I don't know, if all the underlying functions GEDCOM that are/will be needed presently exist]"

Not sure what you mean but I've seen several places where an imported GEDCOM value is ignored but a similar feature is found in the software. One of you issues (IIRC) about families with one parent not showing photos. -or- the notion that some people have used work-a-rounds to implement the fact a person died but you don't have a date or place. GEDCOM has a DEATh = Y flag.

"And then isn't this just an academic discussion that will go nowhere unless someone such as FTM implements the underlying functions of GEDCOM?"

You are probably right from an FTM persective. I do not get a good fealing that they really take any of my suggestions seriously. I feel right now that everything I've said so far in this discussion has fallen on deaf ears.

"kj I am not trying to pick on anybody here, but my thoughts run the same way as they generally do. In order to make this happen someone needs to convince FTM and/or others to devise and/or implement the underlying needed functions of GEDCOM?"

I'm beginning to think you are right and that I probably will not get any statisfaction regarding FTM. I've waisted the time and money with the product and probably all the pixels on this blog!!

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