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FTM2012 Synchronization Frequently Take in Excess of Two Hours

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FTM2012 Synchronization Frequently Take in Excess of Two Hours

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I just suffered through yet another 2+ hour synchronization time after making minimal updates that affected 81 changes to 40 persons in my medium-sized tree of 15,000 persons.

These 2+ hour synchronization times began only after the most recent patch was applied to FTM2012 a couple of months ago.

More than 60% of this synchronization time is consumed with FTM2012 searching itself for changes, the remaining 40% or so is spent uploading and verifying the changes.

It does not happen during every synchronization, nor does it happen during every synchronization following changes made in FTM2012. It appears to happen only after changes are made to Place Names (such as after resolving place names) or after changes to date fields (such as Merging Duplicate Events). An example of a date change resulting from merging duplicate events would be merging the 4 individual event entries created when adding the 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses of a person who lived at the same address in all of these years into one single entry with a date range of "Bet 1900 and 1930", that FTM2012 automatically converts without user control to "Bet. 1900–1940" (using a period and the long dash).

At one point, I realized that FTM2012 was not actually searching itself for changes, it was making changes that I had not specifically authorized the program to make. It was changing other date ranges enter as "Bet xxxx and yyyy" it encountered to the aforementioned format. The result was that after I made a couple of changes the synch dialog window showed a couple of thousand changes to 800+ profiles. These now "corrupted" date changes it made were subsequently uploaded to Ancestry, where they cannot be properly displayed because Ancestry does not recognize the date format that includes a period (".") and the long dash ("–").

This has become a regular occurrence, with data regularly "corrupted" into the incompatible format it wants to see. The frequency is difficult to quantify as every X synchronizations.

During these 2+ hour synch times, needless to say, I am unable to do any genealogy, because FTM2012 does not use a scheme of simply locking the records it sees changes in, it locks the entire Ancestry Member Tree and FTM2012 itself.

I have sent several reports of this issue to 2nd level technical support, with supporting screenshots and SynchErrorLog data. To date, there is no response on the issue.

This is happening far too frequently. The most recent occurred after a fresh reboot of my computer, eliminating and memory issues from the equation.

The purpose of this posting is to see if others are encountering similar problems, not to solicit or receive support from users unaffected by the issue, because I doubt that all users are encountering the issue.


In the absence of a board moderator, show a little courtesy and common sense. If your issue is not directly related to the problem posted here, don't pollute this thread with reports -- or rantings -- about unrelated issues you have. Putting unrelated issues in this thread does nothing to highlight your issue and buries this one.

Rick Larsen
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