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Marco Scavo 5 dec 2012 8:45 PM Comments

Marco I will try to go through all your comments

But let me first go through the basic process I use for acquiring records and documenting the data that is on them in my data base

I get records from basically two types of sources

1-A hard copy such as a Birth Certificate
2- Off the internet from say NEGHS

In case 1 I scan the record in JPEG format and put it in an image file folder on my computer
In case 2 I download in JPEG format the record and put it in an image file folder on my computer

So regardless how I obtain the record it ends up in JPEG format in a image file folder on my computer

I then use an editor, say Photoshop, to edit the JPEG image and save it as an edited JPEG image on my computer in an “edited” image file folder [I actually have both the edited and non edited image in the same folder] – I save both in case something goes wrong in later years

I then create what I call an Exhibit using MS Word --- to do this I copy and paste the JPEG image into the MS Word document, and add any textual embellishments I desire. I then save this exhibit into what I call an Exhibit File. This is a hierarchal set of Microsoft Folders. These folders are set up as sub folders categorized exactly as the categories I have established for my so-called FTM 2012 Media Folder [as an example the above Birth Certificate would go in the “Birth and Baptism” subfolder

I lied a little yesterday I don’t actually copy or link these Exhibits to the Media Folder. I keep them in the Microsoft Folders. I am concerned about broken links and unnecessarily loading up my FTM data base

So far I think a lot of users probably do the exact same thing as described above

Next I create sources and Source Citations for each of these exhibits. I put an Exhibit up on one screen and put the FTM 2012 data base on the other screen and proceed to go down through the Exhibit and, as an example, for a Fact named “Birth” filling in the Date, Place and sometimes the Description fields and then creating a Source Title, Repository, Citation detail and Citation Text [I use the generic template to do this – since many years ago I tired of waiting for Ancestry.Com and created my own set of Exhibit Models/Templates]

So you can see every record I have is on my computer, and it is fully sourced and there are no links back to any website anywhere that would cause me to lose any data or records/exhibits and I don’t have to be concerned about companies going away or busted links or losing anything.

I also feel that I have done a good job of sourcing my data/records and covered all bases

I also don’t do web clipping. I don’t do synch, I don’t load my data base on or anyplace else
I also don’t do GEDCOM’s except when I port my data base to another Genealogy program for say analysis. I guess I am old fashion I just search for data and enter what I find keystroke by keystroke

So far you can see I have not mentioned “Web Address or Web Link or URL.” “Web Address” is a new FTM feature added to the Source Citation Information. Without getting into the nitty gritty of Terminology this capability was previously handled [or could be handled] via the Source Name and the Repository Fields.

As an example for say a gravestone photograph here is what I have been doing in the past

Source Name: Gravestone of Benjamin Jones

Repository: The Gravestone Photograph of Benjamin Jones was downloaded from the "FIND A GRAVE" Internet Website:

If I actually wanted to look at that Gravestone again all I had to do was hold down on the control key and click on“ " and then search on the name Benjamin Jones

The new process, as far as Source Citations go, merely allows moving the “Web Address” from the Repository Field and allows the user to place it in the Web Address field. Once the user clicks on the little world Icon [at the end of the Web Address field] they will be taken to the Web site where they still must type in the name Benjamin Jones to see the actual gravestone.

So if users were satisfied with the old process since there is no real technical difference between it and the new one they should be satisfied with the new one [It appears as if the issue here is some users are not satisfied with the old one ------Some discussed in your specific comments below]

In my case I don’t have to go through all this effort. The actual copy of the photograph resides on my computer in a subfolder call Gravestones and if I want to look at it I can just go to that folder and click the folder then click the particular MS Word document called Gravestone of Benjamin Jones and there it is

Marco now for some specific comments ----
“And speaking of GEDCOM, that's some feedback from me that you left on the table without a response. David asked a good question. Data portability is something we all should be concerned with.”

As I said above I don’t do GEDCOM’s, but that is no excuse. I see however that there is continual input to this forum about GEDCOM’s and the issues that exist, and they seem to all fade into the night without resolution. But I will be happy to include something if you would just write something up about it that I can insert into this suggestion
“And then there is the argument I've been making for having FTM automatically create citation media (that you call "exhibits/images") from webpages when you're using web clipping.”

Also as I said I don’t do web clipping, but I probably can write something up on this and pass it by you and then include it

“Last but not least there was mention of using MS Word. In my first message to you, I merely pointed out that the forum doesn't support that as an attachment, but that you could share your document nevertheless by one of the means I listed. (You were complaining that you couldn't attach a .doc to your message.)”

Here I think you are confused. In my second post mentioning MS Word I was not talking about the issue that I have with MS Word as far as this forum goes

I was talking about the fact that I use MS Word to construct my “Exhibits” that go into my Exhibit Folder – See above plus reread my previous comment that you are referring to

Note: Nowhere in this have I talked about “Web Links for People.” The entire discussion has been about “Web Links for Source Citations”
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