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FTM 2 for MAC Sync Problems

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Re: FTM 2 for MAC Sync Problems

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I SO can relate to your frustration! I have just sent the following email to CS and am hoping for some real answers:

I want to start by saying that I have been a FTM user for 2+ years now - originally on a PC, now using the Mac2 version purchased in mid Dec. My operating system is OSX 10.6.8 and I have plenty of memory. The computer is used only for this FTM program, web browsing and email. No other programs are on it so there is nothing that would interfere with the FTM application.

I have over 6000 people in my tree, am retired and research full time, have used computers and accounting software programs for many years and consider myself relatively experienced as a computer user and genealogist.

I have had nothing but problems with this program (documented in prior emails)!!!!!
For your information - here is the list of issues - which I hope you are working on fixing.
The final one is the current question I need an answer for.

1- couldn't download tree from my tree on - worked around it by creating a GEDCOM and sending it to myself and uploading it.
2 - program is vvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrryyyyyyyy slllllllloooooooowwwwww - it can literally take a full minute to tab from the name field to the date field....and that is running on a totally CLEAN computer with no other programs open and NOT connected to the internet!
I have had no resolution to this despite un-installing and re-installing the FTM program completely several times in past 3 months. This is not functional! I check daily for updates but to date nothing has improved this.
3 - - I had done a lot of work on the FTM tree (remember I work at this 8 hrs/day 7 days/week) and since I was having problems synching, I downloaded the Ancestry tree to FTM and attempted to 'merge' the 2 trees - after several tries and no success - your suggestion was to forget merging trees (an advertised function) and simply upload the newer tree to Ancestry. I gave up and did that - so all the invitees had to be re-invited...not an optimum solution.
4 - Even using MANUAL synchs in the middle of the night (I am in France 8 hours ahead) to avoid any traffic issues- the trees still wouldn't synch properly and the program frequently froze. Then while doing a MANUAL synch, the Ancestry tree became corrupted and lost many people. So now I don't synch at all.
5 - Many media items linked to source data have been renamed ( some random #) and are no longer visible in individual profiles. When I click on the item icon, It suggest FTM locate the file.....which it sometimes does - but often cannot find. This is a HUGE loss and will take months to recreate!
6 - All notes on the Profile pages have disappeared - timelines and anecdotes - all LOST!
7 - Now this is the last straw - people are being detached from families - completely screwing up the tree. As an example: 'Anne' was entered as a child of 2 parents (generation 5 of 16 generations). Her birth marriage and death dates and sources were linked and all was fine. Suddenly today, she is NO LONGER connected to her parents and cannot be reconnected. I get a message saying 'person cannot be attached because they already have a direct relationship'. When I click on Anne and 'attach-detach' - her parents and her spouse families appear - but they do not appear in the normal view. I have also tried adding her parents to the blank locations and then merging the parents - this is not working either!
Obviously, when trying to print out a Pedigree Chart - this line stops at Anne. This is just NOT an acceptable situation! I am BEYOND upset at this point! I really feel that I have been most patient with all this but the amount of lost time and data is just staggering! I am preparing for a reunion and this has just made the production of the books impossible. ARRRRGGGGGHHHH! Please HELP!
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