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FTM2012 Well-formed GEDCOMS

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Re: FTM2012 Well-formed GEDCOMS

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Kathy Marie Ann,

With all do respect, I do NOT think that the first place a user goes is to the developers. I am sorry, I'd rather that THEY develop what WE, the users, need / want.

The developers even provided us, and have for many years, to provide Feedback or Enhancement Requests for new features.

The problem with this message board, is Everything is a BUG.

I am sorry, I can't agree with Everything being a Bug. Yes, the program may not work the way WE, the users want, but that does NOT mean it's a bug.

WE do NOT know why or how some features work, nor how they were designed. I content, that in many cases, the program works the way it was designed.

This message board is for Users helping other Users use the Program. Again, it may NOT be the way WE want it to work, but WE, the more experienced users, attempt to help other users accomplish a specific task.

Let's take the heavy hitter, Automatic Sort of Children. I can't tell you how many versions of Family Tree Maker forced the Sorting of Children. WE would put the children in the Order WE know, but just don't have complete dates for example. It used to be, that the auto sort would put the children in alpha order, NOT the way we placed them.

Then the Blended Family reality and feature was offered.

However, the problem came with the Sync feature, and the way that Ancestry Member Trees handle "families" and the sorting of children, then when that AMT was brought into FTM2012, the children weren't sorted the way the AMT sorted the children.

AMT alone works well here (I guess) and I know that FTM2012 works well, as it is. Yes, I do 99% of my work in FTM2012, so I wouldn't see this problem. Does it exist, YES, but I also know the fight we had when much earlier versions unsorted what I had manually sorted.

Do we need a FEATURE to handle this, certainly.

When trying to help another user on this, specific issue, I will point the other user to the Feedback form. The Developers DO read them. BUT, in many cases, the user doesn't provide enough, specific detail in defining the ISSUE. I try to get the details of what happened, if it's not obvious in the users messages what the details of the issue is, in hopes that that user provided the details of the issue.

Again, continuing with the example of Sorting: The detail on the feedback should NOT be, I want the Children Sorted by Birth Date, but I maintain my file in an AMT, and when I did a Sync, all of the Children are not sorted by date. ALL of my children have Dates, or I am uncertain of the complete birthdates of all children.

As I recall, you were in the software business, I submit to you, that a well define issue was easier to resolve then "it doesn't work".

Again, I think this message board should help bring out the details of the issue, and THAT be submitted as Feedback. I don't think everything is a Bug. Could some things work better, certainly.

As go 'best practices'. I have MY best practices, but I keep updating it as I learn more about the program and as we get new features. In fact, I am re-doing ALL of my Sources and Citations, moving all of them into the Template Feature. So, my "best practices" have changed, and will probable continue to change as I learn more, about recording of my research, or in using the program.

I submit to you, that each of us has our own way of recording our research and how we use this program. Your best practice and mine will be different. Does that make you or me wrong, NO!, in fact, we are both probably Right, at least for US.

These message boards are here so that You and I can share the "way we do things".

Thanks for listing.


(blast shields up)
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